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Republicans and anti-science ignorance: Nature editorial

Nature, the science magazine, wrote a scathing editorial in 2011, called Into IgnoranceIt describes the increasingly anti-science Republican attitude exhibited in pushing their bill to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse-gas emissions, which the agency declared on the basis of reliable scientific evidence to be a threat to public welfare in 2009.

The Science editorial says: "...Republicans on the House of Representatives' energy and commerce committee have made clear their disdain for climate science. At a subcommittee hearing on 14 March, anger and distrust were directed at scientists and respected scientific societies. Misinformation was presented as fact, truth was twisted and nobody showed any inclination to listen to scientists, let alone learn from them."

Republicans increasingly rely on pseudo-scientific fallacies instead of science. For example, this old contrarian/denier canard was trotted out at the hearing: "Melting ice caps on Mars serve to counter evidence of anthropogenic warming on Earth." This is nonsense - see HERE for a reliable analysis.



1. The House hearing:

  • HERE is the transcript of live coverage of the above hearing including analysis by the climate scientist Gavin Schmidt along with the reporter for Science Magazine Eli Kintisch.

  • HERE are links to the talks presented at the hearing. 

  • HERE is the web cast of the hearing.

2. Here is the EPA's detailed scientific documentation with a summary rejecting fallacious contrarian/denier arguments used to attack the EPA.

3. HERE is the analysis from Science Progress entitled: House Energy and Commerce Committee Votes for Science Denial; Republican-Controlled Committee Legislates That Climate Change Does Not Exist

4. HERE is more information about contrarian/denier pseudo-science, plus a guide to contrarians is HERE.

Reference: Nature Volume: 471, Pages: 265–266; Date published: (17 March 2011); DOI: doi:10.1038/471265b; Published online 16 March 2011


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