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Yet Another Investigation Exonerates Scientists

Yet another independent investigation, a US Dept. of Commerce report, has concluded that the fabricated right-wing accusations against scientists associated with the so-called "Climategate" incident are false.

HERE is the NY Times article on 2/24/11:

Scientists Are Cleared of Misuse of Data

... It joins a series of investigations by the British House of Commons, Pennsylvania State University, the InterAcademy Council and the National Research Council into the leaked e-mails that have exonerated the scientists involved of scientific wrongdoing.

NOAA welcomed the report, saying that it emphasized the soundness of its scientific procedures and the peer review process. “None of the investigations have found any evidence to question the ethics of our scientists or raise doubts about NOAA’s understanding of climate change science,” Mary Glackin, the agency’s deputy undersecretary for operations, said in a statement.


US Dept. of Commerce Audit / Evaluation

Response to Sen. James Inhofe's Request to OIG to Examine Issues Related to Internet Posting of Email Exchanges Taken from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, UK

The full report is available HERE.


Who is Inhofe? Sen. James Inhofe is a right-wing contrarian from Oklahoma who regularly attacks climate science and scientists. It is important to note that Inhofe is subsidized by the fossil fuel industry, see Wikipedia HERE, which reports: "In the 2008 election cycle, Inhofe’s largest campaign donors represented the oil and gas ($446,900 in donations), leadership PACs ($316,720) and electric utilities ($221,654) industries/ categories. In 2010, his largest donors represented the oil and gas ($429,950) and electric utilities ($206,654)."


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