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Cancun Agreements adopted at COP16

The Cancun Climate Conference COP16  (10 Dec 2010) adopted the "Cancun Agreements". The vote was unanimous with the sole exception of Bolivia. While not a binding treaty, the Cancun Agreements unexpectedly made some significant progress.  See HERE for some background and HERE for our Cancun Blog. "Adoption" is significant since the Copenhagen Accord from the COP15 Conference was only "noted". When the Cancun Agreements text emerges, we will publish it.

A summary is given in an AP report HERE:

The new agreement creates "building blocks" for a new global pact and, unexpectedly, gives recognition to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from industrial countries by 25 to 40 per cent from 1990 levels within the next 10 years. Current pledges amount to about 16 percent.

Debate on a larger pact was deferred to the 2011 conference in Durban, South Africa.

The accord establishes a multibillion dollar annual Green Climate Fund to help developing countries cope with climate change, though it doesn't say how the fund's money is to be raised. It also sets rules for internationally funded forest conservation, and provides for climate-friendly technology to expanding economies.

[It]...incorporates voluntary reduction pledges attached to the Copenhagen Accord


Meanwhile in positive parallel developments at a lower governmental level reported HERE:

...more than 60 state and regional governments that together represent 15 per cent of global GDP reiterated their commitment to ambitious low carbon targets...

Officials gathered at The Climate Group think tank's latest annual Climate Leaders Summit in Cancun said that the on-going negotiations at the neighbouring UN climate change talks would not derail existing green initiatives at a city and regional level designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts.


A detailed summary of the Cancún Agreements by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change is accessible HERE.




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