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Stephen Schneider


From Stanford University:

Stephen Schneider, a leading climate expert, dead at 65

"Schneider was influential in the public debate over climate change and a lead scientist on the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore...Stanford climate researcher, Chris Field, described Schneider as "an inspiration to a whole generation... Steve clearly lit up any room he was in and you could always tell that wherever Steve was, there was going to be lively conversation, there was going to be sharp analysis and there was going to be a lot of intensity," said Field."


From Ben Santer's eulogy on Realclimate:

"Stephen Schneider did more than any other individual on the planet to help us realize that human actions have led to global-scale changes in Earth’s climate. Steve was instrumental in focusing scientific, political, and public attention on one of the major challenges facing humanity – the problem of human-caused climate change.

We honor the memory of Steve Schneider by continuing to fight for the things he fought for – by continuing to seek clear understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change. We honor Steve by recognizing that communication is a vital part of our job. We honor Steve by taking the time to explain our research findings in plain English. By telling others what we do, why we do it, and why they should care about it. We honor Steve by raising our voices, and by speaking out when powerful “forces of unreason” seek to misrepresent our science. We honor Steve Schneider by caring about the strange and beautiful planet on which we live, by protecting its climate, and by ensuring that our policymakers do not fall asleep at the wheel."


From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"In 1975, he founded the international science journal Climatic Change, and remained its editor in chief until his death...Dr. Schneider was a science consultant to every president, from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama and, in 1992, won a MacArthur Foundation "genius" award."


From the New York Times:

"...He encouraged scientists to get out and communicate directly with the public, maintaining a Web page, “Mediarology,” describing the challenges attending such a move."


HERE is Stephen Schneider's website.


On a personal note, one of my first contacts with climate science was through Steve Schneider's website. I certainly admired him, and felt lucky to meet him briefly at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December 2009. He was very friendly.

(Jan Dash)


Here is a video of Schneider discussing his book: "Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save Earth's Climate" (National Geographic Books, 2009).



Schneider, right, was a leader among the scientists whose climate research earned a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, an honor they shared with former Vice President Al Gore, shown here with his wife, Tipper.




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