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Power Shift and Youth Involvement on Climate Change


Climate change is often thought of as a political issue mostly discussed and dealt with by adults in the confines of a congressional house or the United Nations.  But global warming is something that affects everyone, not just politicians.  Young people will be especially affected because they will live longer and experience the more severe effects of global warming, since it is only getting worse.

Many youths have realized this and decided to take action.  Some are being galvanized by the organizations Energy Action Coalition and Power Shift.  Both seek to increase youth involvement with the movement to mitigate climate change.

One major event organized by Power Shift was a march in Washington, DC. The big push was on April 18, 2011, in which thousands of youths marched to make their voices heard on climate change.  Check out THIS video for some footage of the march.

But the action is by no means over.  Youths are finding more and more ways to get involved, including contacting politicians, working to spread awareness in their communities, and on-the-ground work such as energy efficiency projects and installing solar panels.

Check out the Power Shift website to see how you can get involved.

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HERE is Power Shift's Green Economy Video. Watch it!

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