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Here's your chance to give us some feedback. We are especially interested in knowing if the Climate Portal is helpful to you for action on global warming / climate change. 

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Dash, J. (2011). Please take the POLL and give us some FEEDBACK. Retrieved from


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Jack Harkins wrote: 09-05-2015 16:18:05

Hi Jan, I love the portal. It is packed full of great resources! But it has always seemed to big and unwieldy. I think it could use a major organizational shuffle. Like a good book it needs a Contents page, with chapters and sub chapters, and it might also be organized somehow by most current to oldest as well. Thanks for all you do in managing this portal! It's really terrific! Jack Harkins Uufcc, 33952

Jan Dash (Author) wrote: 02-02-2013 10:08:22

The URL for the Climate Portal is now also

Jan Dash (Author) wrote: 10-10-2010 00:16:10

Please note that the URL for the Climate Portal is now

Jan Dash (Author) wrote: 08-02-2010 04:19:20

Please give the UU-UNO Climate Initiative some FEEDBACK on the Climate Portal. Thank you!