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Lima Climate Conference Dec 2014 (COP 20)

COP 20. Lima.

"The cornerstone for commitment to the future of our climate."


Lima Call for Climate Action

The Lima COP20 conference ended with the "Lima Call for Climate Action" document. An excellent analysis by the Carbon Brief is HERE. The document is below:

Lima Call For Climate Action 2014 UNFCCC COP20

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Tuesday, 9th Dec 2014

  • | Opening Keynote Addresses

  • | Panel 1: Putting a Price on Carbon

  • | Panel 2: Sustainable Investment Strategies for Adaptation & Mitigation

  • | Panel 3: ‘The Decarbonised City’: Enabling Sustainable Urbanisation

  • | Panel 4: Achieving a Low Carbon Rural Landscape

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Green Investment

Climate Action establishes and builds partnerships between business, government and public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the ‘green economy’.

We do this by providing a global media and events platform across which stakeholders can share knowledge, technologies and expertise, and identify innovative solutions to the challenges faced by climate change and a growing population.

For our partners and supporters we help engage the private sector, bringing innovations, technologies and finance to the debate.

For our clients we help generate profitable business opportunities and partnerships, provide top-level access to emerging markets and reinforce their commitment to, and their position as leaders within, the global sustainability industry.

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2013 Highlights Video

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