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Rio + 20 Conference - Reports and Documents

Reports from Rio 2012

For general information on the Rio + 20 Conference with links click HERE. Photo: Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General


Summary of Rio 2012 (iisd)

Summary of Rio 2012 (iisd)

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Report by Kim Lovell, Sierra Club


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Zero-Draft Rio Document

The "Zero Draft" document was the preliminary Rio Document; it contains climate change information on p14:

Climate change
88.    We reaffirm that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and express our deep concern that developing countries are particularly vulnerable to and are experiencing increased negative impacts from climate change, which is severely undermining food security and efforts to eradicate poverty, and also threatens the territorial integrity, viability and the very existence of small island developing states. We welcome the outcome of COP17 at Durban and look forward to the urgent implementation of all the agreements reached.

89.    We encourage international initiatives and partnerships to address the interrelationship among water, energy, food and climate change in order to achieve synergies as well as to minimize conflicts among policy objectives, being particularly sensitive to impacts on vulnerable populations.


Rio ZeroDraft Jan2012

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