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The Conservative Campaign against Climate Science, by Prof. Kerry Emanuel

The distinguished climatologist Prof Kerry Emanuel of MIT has come out with another hard-hitting essay against conservatives who attempt to discredit climate science. The essay is on the conservative National Association of Scholars website HERE, entitled "Science Self-Corrects Even When Scientists Don't ".

Emanuel describes "

... a template for the conservative campaign against climate science:

1.      Tar an entire scholarly endeavor with the alleged crimes of a few

2.      Endlessly repeat allegations long after they have been proven false

3.      Falsely attribute to scientists extremist statements originating outside science

4.      Claim that the existence of minority opinions obviates the need to take risk seriously

5.      Attribute ulterior motives to scientists while ignoring the rather obvious motives of their critics

6.      Claim that the lack of existence of easy solutions justifies ignoring or discrediting science

I am a scientist, a member of this organization, and someone who regards himself as conservative. I believe that our grandchildren will remember our generation not for its grand and overhyped exposés of a handful of climate scientists but for our failure to honestly and openly confront the risks that threaten their wellbeing, of which our attempts to discredit climate science are but one symptom.


For a previous essay by Emanuel castigating "Climategate" attacks, see HERE.

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