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The Debunking Handbook


Ever wonder how to debunk the fallacious pseudo-science of the climate contrarians / faux-skeptics / deniers in an effective manner? John Cook and Stephan Lewandowsky give us the tools from the cognitive literature on how to “debias” people — how to enable people to give up on contrarian misinformation and to update their memories with new, and more accurate scientific information.

To start, here is a useful graphic:

Misinformation and its correction continued influence and successful debiasing
, Psychological Science in the Public Interest  13(3) 106-131


Here is the text:

Debunking Handbook


Stephan Lewandowsky is Australian Professorial Fellow in the School of Psychology, University of Western Australia

John Cook is the author of the popular anti-climate-misinformation website and winner of the 2011 Eureka Prize for advancement of Climate Change Knowledge.

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