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Quick one-liner rebuttals to contrarian claims


The One-Liners

Here is a list of quick one-line rebuttals to over 100 fallacious claims by contrarians/skeptics on the popular Skeptical Science website. They rebuttals are not intended to be complete, but simply to enable the respondent to "bat the ball back over the net" in an informal encounter with someone quoting a contrarian claim. As described HERE, most of these one-liners were written by Dr. Jan Dash, Director of the UU-UNO Climate Initiative, with some editing by John Cook, author of Skeptical Science. Details on the science at Skeptical Science are obtained by clicking on the one-line responses.


In THIS document of some historical interest (online HERE), the first line in a response labeled JWD is the one-liner summarizing the science by Jan Dash. The next lines labeled JC are the summary responses by John Cook, which he replaced with the one-liners.


HERE is a biographical article on John Cook in the UK Guardian.


HERE is a video (The Climate Show 02). John Cook describes the history of the one-liners, starting around the 50 minute mark.

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