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Spring Seminar 2010 Information & Updates


Spring Seminar 2010

A Climate of Change: Head Heart and Hands Around the Planet

Spring Seminar 2010 Information 

What is Spring Seminar?

How Can I Get Involved?

What is Spring Seminar?
The Spring Seminar is an intergenerational conference that takes place every April and focuses on a topic of global concern.  It is created by the Seminar Planning Committee of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO).  Youth and adults work together to bring you a three-day experience that is eye-opening, thought provoking, and a lot of fun.  Participants come from across the United States and Canada, and ages range from 14 to 92.  Together in New York City, the guests bond and discuss, splitting time between informational and recreational activities.
This year's seminar theme is “A Climate of Change: Hands, Hearts and Heads Around the Planet.”   It will run from April 8-10 in New York City.  Participants will gain an understanding of why climate change is happening, the global dangers it poses, how this relates to our faith as Unitarian Universalists, and what actions should be taken in the face of this change.  Our speakers will include scientists, international advocates, activist leaders and spiritual leaders.  We will also have social activities including a concert, tours of New York City, and a group art project.  At the culmination of the Spring Seminar, we will compose a statement which is delivered directly to the desk of the Secretary General.  Join us to learn about protecting our planet, meet other impassioned UUs in an exciting environment, take part in international action, and become empowered to work on environmental issues in your home community.  Spring Seminar 2010 aims to be a memorable experience for all involved.

How Can I Get Involved?
If you would like to help produce the seminar, there are many ways we can use your help. Youth and adults are invited to join the Planning Committee which holds bimonthly meetings in New York City. You can also work on specific tasks as part of a working group for Registration, Publicity & Fundraising, Food & Venues, Creative Programming, Topics & Speakers, Worship & Spirit, or Volunteer Management. Members of the working groups do not have to attend the meetings in NYC and can work from home as long as they stay in contact with the leader of their working group. All members of the Planning Committee and working groups do not have to pay to attend the Spring Seminar. Contact Jess Ansel,Young Adult Co-Chair (jesansel@gmail.com) or Jessie Batalitzky, Youth Co-Chair (jessica.batalitzky@gmail.com) to join one of these groups.
If you are technically apt or have audio/video broadcast experience, we need Tech Volunteers to help set up a live feed of the seminar that will be put on the web for all to see.  Our vision also includes a chat room where viewers can intereact with one another.  We currently looking for technical and process help with internet communication and video.  As a tech volunteer, you would be part of a crucial movement to expand the audience of our seminar; connecting with many viewers who would otherwise not be able to attend!  Contact Jess Ansel (jesansel@gmail.com) for this project.
We are also recruiting volunteers to work during the Seminar. We currently need Food Organizers and Youth Leaders. Food Organizers will spend about 7 hours working at the event, helping to set up and run meals. Youth Leaders must be 18 or young er and will be trained to lead the youth participants. Both of these volunteers will receive discounts on registration. To become a Food Organizer, contact Katie Miller (katiepcs@gmail.com). To become a Youth Leader, contact Jessie Batalitzky (jessica.batalitzky@gmail.com).
How Can I Register as a Participant?
We will begin accepting registration for Spring Seminar 2010 in November, so check back here next month for access to registration materials. A limited amount of scholarships will be available for those in financial need.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Tony Broccoli

Our keynote speaker, is director of the Rutgers Center for Environmental Protection and an experienced UU-UNO Scientific Advisor who will present work of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Dr. Graciella Chichilnsky

A world renowned economist who developed the carbon market system used in the Kyoto Protocol, and created the sustainable development theory in economics.

Dr. Alan Robock

A climatologist studying the effects of human impacts on climate and the risks of geoengineering

Rev. Fletcher Harper

Leader of GreenFaith, an interfaith coalition for the environment

as well as speakers presenting

UU Ministry for Earth
Youth Leader Stories from the Copenhagen Climate Conference


* Seminar developers and planners: Please visit the Development Portal for work before publishing on this main portal.
* Updates will be posted here from the Development Portal for the UU-UNO 2010 Climate Change Spring Seminar.




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