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Copenhagen COP15 Conference News

The Copenhagen Accord
The Copenhagen Conference COP15 lead to a last-minute non-binding agreement called the Copenhagen Accord including the U.S., China, India and others, with explicit mention of curbing global warming to 2 degrees C. Here is a video and here is the text of the Copenhagen Accord. Here is an excellent account of the detailed negotiations of COP15 by the IISD. Page 22 of the IISD report contains an extremely useful glossary of acronyms.
For more information, including a graph illustrating Copenhagen Accord emission reduction pledges relative to requirements, click HERE. More information about pledges is HERE.
The 2009 Copenhagen Conference COP15
The COP15 Copenhagen Conference in December 2009 was the latest step for an international accord to deal with the anthropogenically generated global warming in climate change. 
On-the-spot reporting is on the Copenhagen blog HERE, from UU-UNO representatives.
HERE is a general description of the Conference.
HERE is the main COP15 website.
HERE is the COP15 Conference on Facebook, with articles and comments.
HERE is a UNDP review of COP15
The 2010 Cancun Conference COP16
The next major climate conference will be COP16 in Cancun, Mexico in December 2010. An intermediate conference was held in Bonn, Germany.
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