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RealClimate Rebuts the Contrarians is the go-to climate science website run by professional climatologists. RealClimate has excellent responses to many fallacious contrarian arguments. There are also inline responses to comments made by contrarians in discussions.

N.B: The GRAPHIC provides a very powerful argument against the contrarians; see below for discussion.


RealClimate responses to common contrarian arguments



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The graphic shows backtesting of climate models against historical temperature data for 100 years, by continent, from the 2007 IPCC science report. The black lines are data, blue represents natural effects only (including solar), and red represents all effects - anthropogenic and natural. The bands indicate model uncertainties.

Natural effects alone (blueDO NOT reproduce the historical global temperature data (black).

All effects (red) including both anthropogenic (human) and natural effects DO reproduce the historical global temperature data (black).

Passing this important test shows that the climate models ARE realistic, but only provided that human-generated effects are included.

The results show that human (anthropogenic) effects have DOMINATED natural effects over the last 30 years, during which time global warming has become manifest.

These successful model results provide an extremely powerful argument against the contrarians, and for mainstream climate science. 

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