Sustainability and Climate Change Panel at UUA GA 24Jun10

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On June 24th, 2010 at 1:00PM (PST)


The UU-UNO sponsored a panel discussion on Sustainability and Climate Change at the 2010 UUA General Assembly in Minneapolis on Thursday, June 24. Here are the details:


"Using Sustainable Solutions to Reduce Impacts of Climate Change:  Copenhagen and Beyond"

Participants from the December 2009 climate talks in Copenhagen will discuss sustainable energy and agriculture, international cooperation, and the urgent need for action. The UUA Statement of Conscience on Climate Change, CSAI on Ethical Eating, and commitment to human rights demonstrate the interdependent web of people, issues and priorities.
Jennifer Jewell Thomas, Member, UU-UNO Program Committee & Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance
Jim Harkness, President, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Michael Noble, Executive Director, Fresh Energy
Presenter from Will Steger Foundation 



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