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CSO means Civil Society Organization associated with the United Nations. Here is information from the CSO Net Climate Change RSS Feed (Source: Inter Press Service News Agency):

Permafrost Melt Soon Irreversible Without Major Fossil Fuel Cuts
Thawing permafrost is threatening to overwhelm attempts to
keep the planet from getting too hot for human survival. 

CLIMATE CHANGE: In Europe, Pollution Is a Masculine Noun
Many aspects of gender inequality are well known and well documented. But there seems to be little awareness that male behaviour leads to greater emissions of climate-changing gases.

Link Confirmed Between Warming and Heavy Storms
Human-induced heating of the planet has already made rainfall
more intense, leading to more severe floods, researchers
announced Wednesday.

Pakistan Sinking Into Water Crisis
Pakistan is still reeling from flooding that caused one of the world's costliest
natural disasters in 2010, with millions of people lacking shelter, infrastructure
in ruins and donations falling short of appeals. But worse may come.

Environmental and Demographic Forces Threaten State Failure
Uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and across the Middle East at the
start of 2011 have reminded the world just how politically
fragile some countries are. But the focus of international
politics has been shifting for some time now.

Forest Fest Makes Headway in Protection, Poverty Reduction
Political leaders have committed to ramping up restoration of
the world's forests and tackling poverty in forest communities
as part of pledges made at the ninth session Forum on Forests,
which wrapped up at the United Nations headquarters in New
York last week.

Amazon Drought Accelerating Climate Change
Last year's severe drought in the Amazon will pump billions of
tonnes of additional carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere,
a new report has found.

CENTRAL AMERICA: Tragedies Suffered; Lessons Learned?
The disasters caused by torrential rains in South America have set off alarm bells in Central America, whose extreme vulnerability was made all too clear over the last few years when it was slammed by hurricanes Mitch and Stan and tropical storm Agatha.

Arctic Defrost Dumping Snow on U.S. and Europe
The world's northern freezer is on rapid defrost as large
volumes of warm water are pouring into the Arctic Ocean,
speeding the melt of sea ice, according to a new study.

France Holds Back the Sun

France's high tariffs for solar-generated electricity have led to an investment
boom in photovoltaic panels, but now the government is rowing back, much to
the chagrin of environmentalists.

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