Extreme heat waves in US predicted in 30 years

A new study from Stanford University using detailed sophisticated models predicts that:  "In the next 30 years, we could see an increase in heat waves like the one now occurring in the eastern United States or the kind that swept across Europe in 2003 that caused tens of thousands of fatalities," said said Noah Diffenbaugh, an assistant professor of environmental Earth system science at Stanford and lead author of the study. "Those kinds of severe heat events also put enormous stress on major crops, like corn, soybean, cotton and wine grapes, causing a significant reduction in yields."

What about the two degree C target in the  Copenhagen Climate Accord? "Our results suggest that limiting global warming to 2 degrees C above preindustrial conditions may not be sufficient to avoid serious increases in severely hot conditions" Diffenbaugh said.

The full article is HERE.


What's the picture? It shows projected changes in heat extremes in the coming decades in the US. Details are in the article.


Right on target, NOAA reports that globally, the half year Jan-June 2010 and the month of June 2010 were both the hottest on record. 

HERE is a graph of the US for June 2010 showing the temperature anomalies by region, from the National Climate Data Center:




Dash, J. (2010). Extreme heat waves in US predicted in 30 years. Retrieved from http://climate.uu-uno.org/view/article/148805


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