Muir Russell report ends Climategate inquiry - scientists are innocent


The exhaustive Sir Muir Russell report has emerged after six months of inquiry, clearing scientists in the Climategate affair. HERE is the full report. The professional climate website RealClimate has a description. HERE is a report from the Guardian UK, which says in part:

"The climate scientists at the centre of a media storm were today cleared of accusations that they fudged their results and silenced critics to bolster the case for man-made global warming.

Sir Muir Russell, the senior civil servant who led a six-month inquiry into the affair, said the "rigour and honesty" of the scientists at the world-leading Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) are not in doubt. They did not subvert the peer review process to censor criticism as alleged, the panel found, while key data needed to reproduce their findings was freely available to any "competent" researcher."

One of the remaining issues regards excessive "Freedom of Information FOI" requests that have no merit and distract real science from getting done. RealClimate says: "...the obvious bad faith of many of the requesters indicates that actual information about the functioning of public bodies is not the primary goal in making these requests..."

The picture above shows Sir Muir Russell second from left.


Right on cue, the "director of energy and global warming policy" Myron Ebell at the  right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute labeled the exhaustive report a "professional whitewash".




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