Talk by Dr. M. Byers on the Arctic and global warming

May 29, 2010, 5:25 am
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A talk on "Who Owns the Arctic" by Dr. M. Byers sponsored by the UU-UNO was held at the Canadian Unitarian Council's annual conferenceMay 21-24, 2010 in Victoria, BC. 

The presentation at the CUC ACM was not recorded, however HERE is a conversation of Michael Byers with prominent Canadian journalist Allan Gregg. The subject is "Who owns the Arctic - and why it matters to the global environment".

Here is a synopsis:
Global warming and the resulting melting of the ice has high environmental impacts. Melting ice exposes energy-absorbing dark water, which then leads to more global warming. The melting of the ice also exposes oil reserves for potential oil drilling and encourages increased transport of goods, with various risk levels.

Speaking on June 23, 2010,  at the 2010 Annual Conference and Meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC ACM) in Victoria B.C., prominent Canadian expert on international law, Dr. Michael Byers, explained that sovereignty claims of the Canadian North West Passage and strong international cooperation of the entire Arctic region are important for the health of the very fragile arctic environment, and at the same time is significant for changes in global climate.

Watch the video with Dr. Byers, learn and then contact your federal government representatives to voice your desire for the protection of the Arctic through international agreements on economic activities and on commitments to significant global reductions of greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the global rise in temperatures.

Commentary by Katrin Nagelschmitz, UU-UNO



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