Contrarians Attack Scientist with Fabricated Quote


Here is a flagrant example of climate contrarians repeatedly attacking a scientist, Sir John Houghton (picture), falsely attributing a non-existent statement to him via his 1994 book not containing the statement. Houghton is important - he was the Co-Chair of the 2001 IPCC Science report. He is a distinguished scientist, was president of the Royal Meteorological Society and won the "Albert Einstein" World Award of Science.

He also wrote a scathing critique of the inaccurate contrarian "Global Warming Swindle" film.

For general information on contrarians, click HERE. Below are a few quotes from a recent news article HERE and HERE; see also Wikipedia.

Made-up comment used to discredit scientist

For climate sceptics it was a key piece of evidence showing that the scientists behind global warming could not be trusted...

"Unless we announce disasters, no one will listen," Houghton was supposed to have said in 1994.

The quotation has since become the iconic smoking gun of the climate sceptic community. The words are ... wheeled out almost every time a climate sceptic has a point to make...

The trouble is, Houghton has never said what he is quoted as saying.

The words do not appear in his own book on global warming, first published in 1994, despite statements to the contrary…


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