Countries Submit Emissions Cuts for Copenhagen Accord


UNFCCC receives list of government climate pledges


1 February 2010

Bonn, Germany

Following the conclusion of the climate change talks in Copenhagen, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has received submissions of national pledges to cut and limit greenhouse gases by 2020 from 55 countries. These countries together account for 78 percent of global emissions from energy use.


UPDATE 9 March 2010:

The number of countries formally agreeing to the Copenhagen Accord is now over 100, including all the world's major economies. India and China signed today.


UPDATE 19 March 2010:

The number of countries is now around 110. HERE is a description of the latest goals, by country, Industrialized and Developing.


UPDATE June 2010

HERE is the June Copenhagen Accord Roundup with details of what various countries have said about the Copenhagen Accord.


THIS report by the US Climate Action Network says:

 The USCAN report has an interactive world map and a country-by-country table showing what countries have agreed to. It says:

  • 138 countries, including the 27-member EU, are likely to or have engaged with the accord, representing 86.76% of global emissions1

  • 8 countries will not engage with the accord, representing 2.09% of global emissions

The remainder have not given notice one way or the other.

Accessed Sept. 3, 2010





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