Adaptation to Climate Change & Global Warming

ADAPTATION to Climate Change and Global Warming

Adaptation to climate change and global warming will be needed along with mitigation. Because impacts are already being observed and because the ocean takes a long time to heat up, mitigation - although crucial - will not be enough. Adaptation unfortunately will not be a simple matter. The human race is no longer composed of small groups of hunter-gatherers, but billions of people generally living in highly arranged societies with limited mobility. 

We should start planning for adaptation now, along with mitigation to help prevent the growing impacts of global warming. However, adaptation should not be used as an excuse not to mitigate global warming. The worse the impacts of global warming, the more difficult adaptation will be.








  • COP23 – Side-event organized by the European Financing Institutions Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change (EUFIWACC) and S&P Global; MAKING CLIMATE RESILIENCE MEASURABLE: Emerging Work by Financing Institutions on Climate Resilience & Adaptation Metrics; THURSDAY 9 NOVEMBER 2017, 12:00pm – 13:30pm; EU Pavilion, COP23, Bonn, Germany


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Photo at top: Rotterdam, Europe's busiest port, lies mostly below sea level. Photo: Ralph Hargarten

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