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Letter from a child. Let's pay attention.



n.b. The comments in this blog are by me (Jan Dash), except as indicated. Posts are also on the UUs In Paris Facebook page and Commit2Respond Share

Nov 26: The COP21 conference site, situated in Le Bourget just north of Paris, is huge. Some work is going on several days before the conference starts. Observer badges are being handed out early, which is a much better process than at Copenhagen. (Badges not issued Monday morning). Jen (UU-UNO climate intern) did a great job getting the necessary papers to COP21 and helping to organize the panel on Dec 5.

*Here is a picture of the COP21 entrance. Note the upright cylinders with national colors; these may actually be cement security blocks.

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Nov 27: 

*COMMUNICATION: Telephone tip for dialing US phone numbers: Must add the numbers 001 before the US area code when dialing from within France. Otherwise just dial the number. Data tip - get an international data package from your US provider to avoid excessive charges when in France. Or get an international Sim card (this is more complicated).

*TRANSPORTATION: HERE is the map for bus 152 that goes between the train station in Le Bourget that has the RER B commuter train from/to Paris. 152 bus was very crowded, even before the conference. There will also be special buses from the Le Bourget train station to/from the conference. HERE is the URL for the Paris metro, RER line etc, in English. A number of road closures around Le Bourget will occur at the start of the conference. There will be shuttle buses for observers who also get a special pass for using mass transit while attending the conference. Transportation in Paris is free on Nov 29/30.

Took the RER B train today into Paris. On the way back the train did not stop at Les Halles due to a reported suspicious package. That station was empty, no people.

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Nov 28:

*There will be separate entrances and separate security for "blue zone" for observers and "green zone" for the public, all with anticipated very long lines. We asked about observers being able to go back and forth between the zones; nobody knew the details. Could only get into the front registration area; apparently the main areas are still under construction.

*COP21 numbers in the press (Le Figaro): 152 heads of state, 40,000 participants, 3,000 journalists.

*The Air and Space Museum was closed for security.  There will be 120,000 police/soldiers on alert across France. Police all over the COP21 site today. 

*Beautiful climate flags at the COP21 site:

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Nov 29:

*Took the COP21 bus back from the RER train station and the Pink shuttle back to the hotel. Trains were free today.

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Nov 30:

*Exciting day. Saw the opening ceremony and some of the talks from the heads of state, including Obama, Merkel, Putin... All were positive. Very moving statement from the President of Hungary who recounted a dream he had with his yet-unborn grandson who asked him in the dream "You knew what the scientists said. Why didn't you act?"

*Shook hands with Al Gore who was in the middle of a large crowd of people taking his photo and posing with him. Finally he walked toward me. I stuck out my hand, said "I'm Jan Dash, head of the UU-UNO Climate Initiative. We met at a Democratic Party function in NJ, and I gave you a climate statement from the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development. I have a question - "How can we reduce the influence of people like James Inhofe". Gore laughed, and said "That's a good question. Increase participatory democracy through the Internet so politicians don't have to take money from wealthy people".

*Met Todd Stern himself (head US negotiator) in a side cafeteria as we were leaving. I told him that Peter Morales (UUA President) had sent him a letter urging a strong climate agreement, and that the letter had been given to his Senior Advisor Jesse Young. So in the end, the message was transmitted verbally to the intended party.

*Discussed science at length with Dr. Alexander MacDonald, head of NOAA laboratory in Colorado, including the inverse problem of solving for aerosol concentrations as function of depth, which requires super-computing parallel computation. *Also discussed his idea presented HERE to implement a solar/wind/NG electricity grid using a long-distance HVDC (high-voltage direct current) network to carry the power everywhere in the US with 80% cut in CO2 emissions and cost-competitive. The HVDC cables could run next to the Interstate Highway system. Sounded great to me.

*US exhibitions of computer graphics for the earth, oceans from supercomputer simulations are amazing.

*Heard a presentation by the Philippines at the Japan pavilion on risk management and financial mechanisms to cope with extreme events (cyclones...). Also a presentation by Tonga, small islands in the Pacific, with the impacts of extreme events and how they are trying to cope.

*Transportation was extremely difficult with many roads blocked off. Tomorrow should be better. Signed up for transportation by electric car. 

*All over the COP21 there are animal figures, reminding us that we share the planet with other species, many of which are under already under severe stress, with possibility of large numbers of extinct species if we do not mitigate climate change.

*Food was better than at Copenhagen. Here is Lynn checking out some bread at the COP21 bakery:

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Dec 1:

*Another exciting day, starting with the launch of the BLOOMBERG CARBON CLOCK.  Have a look. Yours truly did the math behind it (see the technical paper HERE). The number passing the historic 400 ppm line is as of 12/13/15.

*Great presentation of analysis of the INDCs at the French Pavillon (see above for a video). *INDCs do not yet represent firm/legally binding commitments. The aggregation of INDCs from different countries, necessary to assess the consequences for global efforts to reduce future temperature increases, is difficult. The "GICN" organization has attempted to do this. They conclude that the global CO2e emissions in 2030, provided that the INDCs are carried out, will be around 55-64 Gt/year, up from about 36 Gt/year now (see HERE). *The IEA's World Energy Outlook (2015) has a "bridge" scenario, better than the INDCs, that allows GDP growth with decreased emissions (-5 Gt/year) from increased efficiency, increased renewable energy etc. The IEA projection is: "Renewables overtake coal as the largest source of electricity by the early-2030s and account for more than half of all growth over the period to 2040".

*Carbon Pricing session by the IMF, UNEP and others. *Discussion of carbon emission trading systems ETS as a strategy to achieve the INDCs for a number of countries. While some Social Cost of Carbon estimates are around $30/tonCO2, current ETS prices on carbon are much lower, and need to rise. The current surplus of allocations needs to end. *The need for adoption of climate risk reporting by financial institutions and the risks to the financial system from climate change was emphasized. *Lynn Dash asked a question about considering the Citizen's Climate Lobby proposal of a carbon fee at the upstream sources with 100% dividend back to the people. The panelists had mentioned some aspects of the CCL proposal, but were focused on ETS. Afterwards she was interviewed about the CCL proposal. *I asked the question whether climate change risk management would be a good framework for communicating (which I believe), and the response from the panelists was yes.

*US Center science presentations. *More amazing model graphics. Detailed model projections presented by R. Ramaswamy (Director, GFDL). "Seamless weather/climate modeling" emphasized. Resolution has been improved markedly - now only 12 km. Ensembles are being run over initial conditions and parameters to get probability distributions for better model forecasts.  *Michael Oppenheimer (Princeton, on line) discussed climate risk using exposure and vulnerability assessments. He emphasized the importance of resilience by action on risk - NY subways were close to flooding nine times before Sandy flooded the system - yet nothing was done. Only one-two feet of sea level rise will result in multiple subway flooding. *Desired new technology: A new satellite geoCARB in a geostationary orbit could provide 3 km resolution multiple times/day on the earth's surface to measure carbon emissions. *Mike Bloomberg was quoted "If you can't measure it you can't manage it". *Communication to policymakers from scientists was discussed. Afterwards I discussed using uncertainties about trends as a useful paradigm for communicating climate risk management with Ramaswamy.



*Met the IPCC head of the Synthesis Report and Vol III Mitigation (2007), Leo Meyer from the Netherlands. Discussed the difficulties of communicating risk to the public for climate effects that are global and occur over long times.

*Sat outside a negotiation session where negotiators argued for 30 minutes over whether or not to delete a phrase (in blue in the pic below). This was a spin-off group trying to get various parts the document in shape for the ministers that will carry out the real negotiations next week.  Just an example.

*The electric vehicle service taking participants to/from COP21 is great but the administration could be improved. When we got back to the hotel at night there was, inexplicably, a car waiting at the hotel to take us to the conference (!)

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Dec 2:

*Mike Bloomberg tweeted about the Carbon Clock"Time used to be measured in years. Now, it’s measured in CO2, via the Carbon Clock"

*Went to two presentations from the IETA (International Emissions Trading Association) and WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development). *Green Climate Fund panel. This panel was off-the-record. *Social Cost of Carbon (SCC). The SCC is an attempt to quantify damages due to climate change by economic models. The excellent presentation by Steven Rose (EPRI) was a report on reproducing three climate models in detail with dissection of their ingredients. The models differ significantly in assumptions and results. All the models are basically linear perturbative models geared to impacts of small changes in emissions. None of them can take account of non-linear collective behavior where there are crises. *After the presentation I discussed these topics with Rose and Henry Jacoby (MIT, Sloan). Jacoby was the originator of the MIT wheel and the Deutsche Bank clock outside Penn Station NY. There was agreement that climate change risk management is a good way to frame the problem.  

*Social Cost of Carbon slide from Rose's talk:

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 Dec 3:

*Went to a technology transfer talk involving Mali, a country with 80% of the population working in agriculture. Technical assistance is provided by the CTCN organization. They have a well-defined project of using solar energy for crop drying. This is simple technology, just requiring funding. The PFAN organization is helping the process. The main idea is actually to put together portfolios of such projects with similar cash flows and securitize them to get, for example, a Green bond that will attract investors.

*Lynn Dash, Peggy Clarke and I participated in a US State Department meeting with religious organizations on the issue of Loss and Damage. This meeting was off-the-record so none of the content can be published.

*In the evening I attended a private event near the Opera in Paris with Mike Bloomberg and Mark Carney (Chairman, Financial Stability Board and Governor of the Bank of England) speaking on climate risk and financial markets. Many high-level participants were there. HERE is a video of Carney talking about climate risk to the financial sector (complete text/video HERE):

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Dec 4:

*Went to two panel discussions for "Getting to Zero" at the IETA business center.

*Panel 1: Governments * The Climate Group emphasized that while a climate agreement on paper is important, legislation is more important, and practical actions are the most important. We need "100% easy to understand" rules. * A UNFCCC representative emphasized that governments must play a leadership role for other actors to follow. * The experience of Costa Rica in "winning hearts and minds" in addition to winning the science and economics was described. * The goals of Norway aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 were described. * The Environment Minister of British Columbia (Canada) emphasized that we need to convince the guy who lost his job "because of the carbon tax". * Ontario (Canada) emphasized risk management with the necessity of an emotional appeal. After all "we are not asking for World War II type sacrifices", even though climate change is an existential crisis.

*Panel 2: Corporations * The president of WBCSD emphasized that cities and business will drive progress. We need risk management. There is opportunity in the transition to a low carbon world. "The train is unstoppable even without the Paris agreement". The urgency is to scale up fast enough. The potential is 20-45 million jobs created, $5 - $10 trillion invested, and economic growth (which is not possible in any case without dealing with climate change).  * PWC presented figures for decarbonization rates (DCR) to achieve given goals (for the 2 degree target we need DCR = -6.3%/year. The INDCs achieve about half of that DCR). Huge investments are needed, of which 80% expected to come from the private sector. We need an energy shift, an economy shift, and a cultural shift. * A representative from ENEL (energy) emphasized the difficulties of handling policy uncertainty. *The head of sustainability at Google described a transition for TVA from a coal plant to a renewable site for a data center at the same place. Google has a 100% renewable energy goal. Investments are being made for wind and solar. New technology includes monitoring methane leaks using monitoring equipment on the vehicles that provide the street views.  * The technical director of the CDP described the "voluntary collapse of the fossil fuel economy" to achieve mitigation of climate change. Momentum is important as is accountability.

*A big press conference by Mike Bloomberg and Mark Carney was held; you can watch it HERE. * Carney emphasized implications of climate change for financial stability, which the G20 has asked to be quantified. There are physical risks, liability, and the transition to the low carbon economy. How will the financial sector adjust? We don't want an abrupt transition. We need comprehensive, consistent, comparable, inclusive, efficient information for climate risks of individual corporations. Investors don't now have the information to judge how an individual corporation is exposed to climate risk. For this reason a Climate Disclosure Task Force is being formed, chaired by Mike Bloomberg. * Bloomberg said that the market will price risk from the environment. Also, "if you can't measure it you can't manage it". At the city level, there are practical solutions, and most energy consumption is in cities, so mitigation in climate change in cities goes a long way. "People will do whatever is in their interests".  * In response to questions, Carney emphasized that the market will move quickly. As a regulator, he looks a lot at risk. Corporations look at opportunities. Bloomberg mentioned a TV program of "talking heads" on Fox about climate that did not include a single business person. CEOs have to act. The market place is ruthless and will address climate change.

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Dec 5:

*Post by Lynn Dash:
Acting on climate justice means taking care of human rights threatened by climate change. Africa is already suffering from the worst effects of climate change. People are displaced by flooding now, for example. Effects of extreme events now combine with longer term impacts through warmer temperatures and changes in water that can lead to changes in infectious diseases, shifts in malaria regions and malnutrition. The photo below is from Niger, Africa Pavilion COP21.
*Photo below: Young climate activists from Sustain US make a good point outside the observer rooms at COP21. They get it that action on climate change is improving human rights.



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After Dec05

UUs and Climate Change Action at and after COP21

Unitarian Universalists have been established at COP21 as responsible, caring, serious climate activists. Rev. Peggy Clarke and Jan Dash participated in a side event panel (ethical aspects of INDC commitments). UUs attended two State Department hearings. UUs discussed climate change with leaders of other faiths. UUs attended many side events and identified ourselves as UUs. We also networked with many people.


At COP21, there were many events by the world poor on the dangers of climate change and their special vulnerability. This is the connection of climate justice with the most vulnerable to climate change. Climate change cuts across all issues of social justice with which UUs are generally concerned.


It was good that UU observers were able to attend COP21 under the aegis of the UUA, thanks to the active participation of UU-UNO climate interns under Director Bruce Knotts, to whom we offer thanks. In 2009 at Copenhagen, we attended without official designation as UUs.


We wish the UUs coming in the second week an enlightening and inspiring experience. We thank the UU climate activists back home.


What we need to do is to replace the "road to Paris" with the "superhighway from Paris" to implement the Paris agreement on climate that will be established at the end of next week. Our work is has only begun.


Lynn and Jan Dash


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COP21 badge:

Dec 12

*Le Bourget, France, Saturday, December 12, 2015
By David R. Tucker, Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Durham, N.C. (
It's past 3:00 AM in Le Bourget, and I am too excited to sleep! At this hour, BFMTV French television channel is reporting that the President of COP21, French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius has stated tonight that he is very optimistic that a final agreement that is ambitious, universal, and historic for combating global climate change will be presented to the world at 9:00 AM here, only a few hours hence!
The Chinese delegation is making a similar prediction to the press, which is quite encouraging!
And it sounds like 1.5 C is back on the table, despite a rumored last minute attempt by a Saudi-led coalition of petroleum producing countries to scuttle this point, and return to 2.0 C. Also, funding the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to the tune of $100 billion remains the stated goal, despite only partial pledges towards this goal by nations and private companies so far. (The GCF people told me today they are already standing up a significant number of new staff at their new offices in South Korea!)
Could this be the breakthrough we have all been waiting for, for so, so many years, on the most important challenge to face humantiy in modern human history? It is hard not to be, by turns, giddy, thrilled, and a bit terrified at this moment...
Your three UU-UNO officially credentialed representatives of the Unitarian Universalist Association ( and at week two (in overtime, that is) of COP21, David Tucker, Doris Marlin, and Bill McPherson, will be on site at 9:00 AM Paris time to witness whatever occurs! Stay tuned...



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*Notes taken on live broadcast by JD at noon (Paris time), 6 am EST 


Watching live. Ban Ki-moon and Francois Hollande. Huge applause from audience. Fabius presiding. 
Speaking in French; I will write this in both English [EN] and French [FR]. "Almost finished with one path. About to embark on another path." Listening in French. Applause. Morocco next year. [Audio Recording started]. 2 versions submitted. Final text now. Constructive atmosphere. Will distribute in a few minutes. Text is equilibrated. [FR] Juste et durable. Juridiquement durable. Justice climatique. En-dessous 2 degrés; 1.5. Réduire risques. Réduction de GHG. Chaque 5 ans. Adaptation. Pertes et dommages. Mobilisation. Capacité de chacun. Bilan chaque 5 ans.  2025. NGOs. Lignes rouges. [EN] 100% would have led to 0%.  [FR] Lignes vertes de coopération. Ce texte - le meilleur équilibre possible. Tétés hautes. Difficultés. Le moment de vérité. Protéger islands, Africa, Amerique Latine forêts   Diversification de fossil fuels. La santé, la paix. Momentum. Société civile. Face à l'histoire. Occasion unique. Personne veux répétion de Copenhague. Aujourd'hui la planète est unie. Communaute internationale. Autrement nos enfants ne nous pardonneront pas. Quel mandat. [EN] Nelson Mandela "Impossible until it becomes possible". [FR] Le monde retient son souffle. 
Standing ovation. 
Ban Ki-moon
Speaking in French. [FR] Texte historique. [EN] All heads of State, ministers ... World is watching. National interests are global interests. Protect planet. All hands on deck. Included private sectors, vulnerable groups. Opportunities in a climate resilient future. This is a flexible robust universal agreement Cannot let perfection be the enemy of common good. Developed countries responsibilities. National Climate plans. They are ours for the taking. Celebrate safety and  prosperity for all on healthy planet. 
[FR] Accorde universelle. Idée si belle. Vous avez beaucoup travaillé. Jour et nuit. Chercher conclusion. Partager. Contraignant. Réponse pour que la planète puisse avoir un avenir. Progrès. Vous seuls réponse. Le but. Réaliste. Différenciation.  Choix pour le monde. Acte majeur pour l'humanité. Mandat de 150 chefs d'états. Ambition 2 degrees 1.5. Autrement gravement atteindre. Planète elle même. Nos destins sont liés. Raisonner ensemble. Revendications [EN] made, not all can be satisfied. [FR] Pas un jour mais un siècle. Discussions sur le climat. Chercheurs. Énergies renouvelables. Prix de carbon. L'histoire arrive. Il faut nous hisser. Maintenant. A vous seuls de décider. 12/12/15 sera une grande date pour l'humanité.  Fier. La France. Il est rare [EN] to have this chance. [FR] Changer. Vive la vie!
Texte distribué. Déjeuner. [EN] We will meet again at 15:45 [Paris time]. 

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*These notes taken live. Some English some French.

Paris 19:00

Fabius  Rapport. Corrections matériels. Projet d'accord pour d'adoption.

  1. Some minor translation and language problems resolved. Lawyers.


  1. Errors in L9. Technical corrections.

Seance plenaire. Accord de Paris.



G77. Afrique du Sud. Appreciation.  Compromise. Hard work. Text not perfect. Solid. Best we can get at this historic moment. Better safer world. South Africa accepts. Further technical work needed. Major leap forward for developing countries. Developed countries pledges. Pre 2020 focus. COP finance long term - in Morocco. Road ahead Nelson Mandela "I have walked that long road to freedom. After climbing a great hill there are many more hills to climb. I can only rest for a moment. My long walk is not ended. "

Fabius - Remercier équipe.


Standing ovation. Hugs

Australia. Umbrella group of countries. Future generations. Adopting agreement on climate change. Implement agreement.  Legal. Commit. Common aspirations.  Not perfect. However strategy to work together. Agreement action by all to best of our capacity. Hold T below 2 degrees. Every 5 years. Build ambitions over time. Accounting. Markets. Finance flows for climate resilience. Prepare for impacts. Signal around the world. Global response. The hard work lies ahead of us. Optimistic.

Nicaragua. Multeralismo. Trabajar. Madre Terra. Concenso. Criticó temperaturas. 1.5 degrees. 

Groupe Environment integrity - Suisse. Technology. Agreement. Legally binding. Global long term goal. All countries. Investments. Transparency framework. Trust building basis. Double counting avoided. Adaptation. Fair. Flexible. Ambitious basis to combat climate change. New jobs. Carbon neutral world.

EU: Approche inclusive. This is a success of all countries. Ambitious legally binding fair agreement. Stability. Help most vulnerable. Financial engagement. Concrete action. Enduring vision for the future we all want. Change this world together.

Makes us proud as Europeans. Inclusiveness. Successful conclusion. All nuts and bolts. Ambitious long term goal. Most vulnerable. Ramp up commitments every 5 years. Collective achievement. Will scale up level of financial support. Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we must act.

Maroc. Beaucoup d'émotion. Transformationnelle. Bien commun. Compromis ambitieux. Nouvelle étape. 2016 COP22 au Marakesh Maroc. Action. Mobilisation. Adaptation. Savoir traditionnelle. Une bataille a été gagné à Paris. Transparent. Efficace.

Turkey. Historical importance. Future generations. Need solution to a specific problem.

China. Adopts warmly. Not perfect.  Historic steps forward. Thanks. All parties. Hard work. Sustainable future. Agreement fair just ambitious legally binding. Kyoto Bali follows Common but differentiated responsibilities. Adaption. Mitigation. Responsibilities. Pre 2020. Consensus. Balance of different countries. All beneficial. Implement ahead before 2020. Capital support for developing countries. China will undertake honor actions implement INDC. Peak as soon as possible.

John Kerry USA -  superb job; multilateral stewardship. Victory for all. Across finish line. Future generations. Empower new path - smart, sustainable. Global commitment. Will help world prepare for and avoid impacts of climate.  Clean economy - critical message to marketplace. Genius. Global business - investment research.  Pres. Obama - France set an example to the world. 195 countries. In the interest of every country on earth. Complex challenges. Energy and commitment. Urgency. We have to be successful. Legacy generations to come. All better off for agreement.

India. Historic day. Agreement is new chapter of hope for 7 billions. Hold earth - on loan for future generations. Will give them a better earth. Developing countries right to development. Climate justice equity CBDR. Sustainable. Equity recognized. Fair share. Compromise. Alliance Modi solar development. New beginning commitments will be fulfilled. Ghandi: "We should care for the world we will not see".

St Lucia Caribbean group - triumph. Inclusive transparency. Concerns heard for first time. Fair balanced ambitious agreement. Listen. Discuss. Find solutions. Efforts to limit to 1.5 degrees are significant. Loss and damage welcome. Protect ecosystem planet. World cares about them. Voices heard. Proud.

Venezuela.  Historic moment. Fill Paris once again with light and hope. Preamble - recognizes gender equality, intergenerational equity human rights Thank the Pope for Encyclical. Thank Mary Robinson. Progress  - better than Copenhagen. Support agreement.

UN Ban Ki-moon - un succés monumentale. Thank all leadership. Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. Clean energy future. I listened to the people from every corner of the world. Generations to come. We have heeded their voices. Agreement on all key points. Durable. Risk of grave consequences. Limit T increase to 1.5 degrees. Loss and Damage. Least developed. 189 countries submitted INDC plans. This is a floor, not ceiling. 2018. In line with science. Develop finance capacity building. Developing in line with their capabilities. Action agenda - climate summit in New York. Markets have clear signal. Low emissions resilience growth. Unthinkable now unstoppable.  Today we can look into the eyes of our grandchildren. Good agreement. We must stay united. Implement. Work starts from tomorrow.

Egypt. African group. Agree is historic agreement. Sustainable development. Support flexibility. T goal. Flexibility for Africa needed - will discuss at COP 22.  Adaptation. Renewable energy. Global climate governance. Defending interests of developing countries.

Senegal. Adhérer sur l'accord de Paris. D'accord. Participation de tous. Perspective. Pertes et dommages. Économie résiliant. 100 milliards dollars par ans pour nous est d'importance capitale.

Équateur. Madre Tierra. 1.5. Need economic and technological development. No specific figures - makes us concerned. Collective action.  Migrants. Good start. Rights of nature. Need an environmental justice tribunal with sanctions. Move on. Environmental debt. Life isn't business. Ecuador supports the agreement.

France. Hollande. Vous avez réussi. Ambitieux. Responsabilités. Gratitude. Sens de notre vie. Nous pourrons raconter d'en être fier devant nos enfants et nos petits-enfants. Depuis 40 ans. Scientifiques sont sûrs. Remercions Al Gore (applaudissments). L'échec était possible. Pas de réussite sans espoir. Engagements INDC. Financement. Pays les plus vulnérables.  Le monde a écrit une nouvelle page de l'histoire. Les entreprises - secteurs bas carbon. Électricité pour tous. Innovation. C'est un début. Je m'engage de réviser les engagements de la France en 2020. Prix de charbon. Combat et lutte pour la dignité humaine. Droit de l'humanité. Je suis fier. Agir pour un monde que nous ne verrons pas. Vive la planète.

Standing ovation.

Christiana Figueres. Tightly run COP. Historical perspective. 2010 Cancun: 2 degrees adopted. 2011 Durban - new agreement by 2015 adopted. 2014 UN climate change - summit - hundreds of thousands marched in NY - we knew we had the people on our side. Conviction. Most vulnerable. New legal agreement. Safe growth. Clarion call. Celebrating chapter of hope for the world. We did and I thank you all. Thank members of the Secretariat - stand up.

Fabius: 40 countries on the list. Ask only 3 minutes per country because (joke) otherwise we will be here after midnight and historians won't be able to tell the date of the agreement.

Saudi Arabia, Arab group. Congratulate entire world for adoption of this historic convention. Good level of balance. [Very brief statement].

Marshall Islands. Must leave with a message for the world - we are all working for a safe future. Peaceful prosperous and safe planet. Girl 18 years old spoke. My grandpa told me a story about we would be submerged by water. How you helped the island and the whole world today. Thank you.

Russian Federation. Welcomes the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Principles aims mechanisms in accordance of the Conventions and joint responsibility with differentiated efforts and in the spirit of climate justice. The Agreement is ambitious needed to achieve agreed climate goal. For the first time methods to reduce vulnerability to minimize loss and damage from climate change. Natural ecosystems have synergistic influence. Compromise. Samuel Johnson said "Living in society isn't possible without concessions". Tense negotiations. Requires work to be done to put into practice. We will all need to move forward together. Mutual trust and mutual support. UN staff worked to support. Interest of current and future generations on the planet.

Chile. Thank you James Hansen and Bill McKibben...Intergenerational equity.


BINGO. Business and Industry. Contribute technology. Welcome private sector, play a critical role. "Us and them" is over. We are stronger together.

CAN [?]. Climate Action Network. INDCs are inadequate. 2018 essential. Developed countries must increase financial support.

[Who ?] Climate justice now. Lack of ambition in this room is palpable.

RINGO. Research. Building capacities. Technology transfer. New programs. Partner with you. Now lets get to work.

DINGO [?]. Trade union confederation. Relegated workers to preamble. Goal without a plan is just a wish. Immediate national interests dominated. Plan to decarbonize economies and secure jobs needed.

"Women and Gender". Reality check needed. Responsibilities to protect people's rights surgically removed from the text. Corporations over people. Lack of ambition in the agreement.

"Youth constituency". We can overcome differences. First step to ending fossil fuel and deforestation. Civil society kept out. Rich countries could have done much more. INDCs still lead to 3 degrees. The world is finally turning to a solution. We must see real action. Climate justice. We will hold you accountable. "We are unstoppable. Another world is possible." Chant.

Cities. Mayor of Nantes. Vous avez trouvez l'accord. Now we have to do the job.

Global Indigenous Caucus. Three messages were brought. Recognized, protected, respected. The importance recognized, but only in the preamble. We are sovereign governments. The Agreement can help but it can do more.



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*We need to replace the "road to Paris" with the "superhighway from Paris" to implement the Paris agreement and carry on with climate action.

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