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Unitarian Universalist (UU) CLIMATE ACTION


* The UUA Statement of Conscience on Global Warming / Climate Change (2006)

* UU Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) for a Strong, Compassionate Global Climate Agreement in Paris (2015) 

* Many Faiths, One Earth: A Response to the Papal Encyclical (2015; UUA, UUSC)

* UUA Letter to Chief US Climate Negotiator Todd Stern, Urging a Strong Climate Agreement in Paris (2015) 

  UU ORGANIZATIONS and Climate Action


The UUA Statement of Conscience on Global Warming / Climate Change

The threat of Global Warming/Climate Change and what we can do is in the 2006 UUA Statement of Conscience Earth is our home. We are part of this world and its destiny is our own. Life on this planet will be gravely affected unless we act soon. All countries will be affected, developing countries most severely, but also including developed countries. There is no safe haven.

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Note: the UU-UNO is now part of the UUA. See HERE.


 Unitarian Universalist Ministry for the Earth (UUMFE)

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Green Sanctuary

Congregations and congregants working together to restore Earth and renew Spirit.

Our Vision

A world that is viable and just for humanity and for the whole of the web of life, including present and future generations.

Our Mission

The Green Sanctuary Program provides structure, leadership and support, in broad collaboration, for the UU faith community to engage in an ambitious Environmental Justice and Climate Justice movement that seeks to live fully our seventh principle and achieve our vision of a viable and just world for all.

Our High-Level Goals and Strategies forming the Mission:

  • Provide a structure for congregations to engage with environmental and climate issues and to move along the spectrum of awareness and action
  • Help connect UUs together working on the front lines of environmental and climate justice work, thus building movement capacity and collaboration for effective action
  • Act with love and justice to heal the earth, our home
  • Support frontline communities to protect people and the web of life
  • Take courageous action to fight against environmental and climate injustices

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UUSC Environmental Justice

UUSC's Environmental Justice Program promotes and defends the human right to water.

Examining the Water Crisis and Climate Change

UUSC understands that there is a global water crisis, which is the product of shifting and competing political and economic interests, depletion from environmental contamination, climate change, over-extraction, and increasing human population. As a human-rights organization, UUSC recognizes the urgent need to respond. Climate justice is a central theme of UUSC's Environmental Justice work.

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