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UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative

The VISION of the UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative is a world with mitigated climate change viable for us and future generations. The MISSION is to provide motivation for climate action.



To register your CAT - click HERE

Announcing a new exciting program for climate activists to form UU Climate Action Teams (CATs) and network with other CATs ! 

  • Each CAT establishes its own program and structure for climate action autonomously
  • CATs are networked together nationwide for more effective action by monthly calls
  • The vision is for UUs to act as ethical/moral leaders for climate action
  • Any existing group doing something for climate action can register as a CAT
  • The role of the UU-UNO is as facilitator to CATs
  • HERE is the CAT BLOG - tell others what you are doing! To post, join the Climate Portal.
  • HERE is a short presentation to publicize CATs
  • Below is a pamphlet describing CATs, with some suggested possibilities for climate action on the second page (scroll) in case your CAT needs some guidance for what to do:


UU CATs Climate Action Teams 2016


Climate Action Team Pamphlet - Launch Final

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UU-UNO Climate Activities - Historical Overview

  • The UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative is led by the Climate Change Task Force

  • The UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative acts in conjunction with organizations at the UN, in particular, the NGOCSD-NY [NGO Committee on Sustainable Development in NY]. This committee produced the document "Climate Change: A Discussion Paper" which was hand-delivered to leaders at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, presented at the Klimaforum, and was supported by over 100 NGOs. The statement is issued annually. It was updated and distributed for the 2010-2016 Climate Conferences [Cancun, Durban, Doha, Warsaw, Lima, Paris, and Marrakech]. The editor of this document is Dr. Jan Dash, climate advisor to the NGOCSD-NY.

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The UU-UNO Climate Change Task Force CCTF leading the UU-UNO Climate Initiative has an Executive Committee comprised of UU-UNO Director Bruce Knotts and former UU-UNO Board members Dr. Jan Dash (Chair), Pamela V'Combe, Kent Price (former Board VP), Larry Danos, and Steve Wade. Other CCTF members include Guy Quinlan, Doug Stewart, Natalie Shuttleworth, Rev. Earl Koteen, and Mark Swirsky. Advisers to the CCTF are Prof. Tony Broccoli (Rutgers U., scientific adviser), Dr. Paul Dash (climate/health adviser), and Joel DeWitt (technology adviser). Our Youth Co-ordinator is Ryan Dash.

The UU-UNO has a program for climate interns, who are adjunct members of the CCTF. 

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HISTORY:  UUA/UU-UNO Accreditation for Credentialing Observers to the Paris Climate Conference

The history of how the UUA was accredited (or "admitted") to designate observers at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference COP21, able to attend events in the "Blue Zone", is long. It started in 2009-2010 when as the head of the Climate Change Initiative of the UU-UNO Board of Directors, I urged that the UU-UNO should apply to become accredited by the UNFCCC as an observer organization. The process started too late for the Copenhagen 2009 Climate Conference. Fortunately Lynn and I were able to attend Copenhagen under the umbrella of a Catholic NGO.

In 2010, I provided input to the UU-UNO application to the UNFCCC to become accredited/admitted, but that application somehow fell through the cracks. In 2012 a second application was successfully achieved by UU-UNO Climate Intern Anunay Swaroop, with the Observer Organization Liaison Office in Bonn, Germany (UNFCCC). The UU-UNO had merged with the UUA by 2012, so the UUA became the UU credentialing observer organization.

In 2015, the UU-UNO applied for UUA observer passes for COP21 to the UNFCCC. The desirability of UUA observers at COP21 was part of the Action of Immediate Witness "Support a Strong, Compassionate Global Climate Agreement in 2015: Act for a Livable Climate" of the 2015 UUA General Assembly. Three observer passes were granted, which were divided into weekly groups. Also UU-UNO Intern Jen Caplan facilitated two observer UUs to participate in a side event.

The UU-UNO activities leading to these successful outcomes were performed under Bruce Knotts (Director, UU-UNO).

No funds from the UUA or the UU-UNO have ever been provided for observers, to my knowledge.

I hope this history is helpful. Jan Dash

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UU-UNO Climate Events in 2016

UUA International UU-UNO: "Ethical Eating: A Solution to Climate Change

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UU-UNO Climate Events in 2014

Climate Change: Implications for Maternal Mortality and Disease

UU-UNO CSW Event Mar2014

Talks at the 2014 event:

CC Health Women 2014-Final (Dr. Jan W. Dash)


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UU-UNO Climate Initiative Strategic Plan

HERE is the 2013 UU-UNO Climate Initiative Strategic Plan. 



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