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The Climate Change Portal features topical articles, news, and resources for climate change / global warming education from authoritative sources, on climate science, impacts and mitigation / adaptation strategies - emphasizing what you can do to help. We also cover climate politics, negotiations, climate finance, and renewable energies. This is a soup-to-nuts climate site. You can think of this site as a climate LIBRARY. 


What about some examples?

1. UN efforts for countering climate change / global warming.

2. Article on climate contrarians / deniers / faux-skeptics.

3. Kids' Climate Corner  

4. UUA Statement of Conscience on Global Warming / Climate Change.

5.  HERE is a talk on climate risk management, ethics, and stranded assets:

6. NEWS items (example):

Top 20 Cities with Billions at Risk from Climate Change (Bloomberg)

7. More information:

HERE is a Time History of CO2 video of how the main greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has risen over the earth. Isotopic analysis shows that the observed CO2 increase is due to us humans. If we do not act to stop the increase, the negative impacts starting to be observed now will become huge by 2100, a short time span in the history of mankind.




  • HERE is an interactive map of the world with a 4°C temperature rise, a definite possibility by 2100 if little action is taken to mitigate global warming.

  • HERE is a great Climate Hot Map from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

More Talks:

A Few Articles:


IPCC reports, e.g. this graph shows increases in greenhouse gases and origins:


nb: The photo sequence which appears in the Climate Portal is shown with the kind permission of Gary Braasch, copyright 2009, from the World Global Warming portal. His AAAS "Climate Change in Our World" exhibit is HERE, other pics are HERE, and a review is HERE.

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How about if we SING FOR THE CLIMATE


Health and Climate Change


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