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Many important UU Social Action or Social Justice issues are highly interconnected with climate on a long term perspective - including immigration, women's rights, peace, poverty, and security. Indeed there can be no long-term solution to many social justice issues without a solution to the climate problem.

We invite representatives from Social Action groups from individual congregations to post articles about UU climate or energy related activities and other topics of interest.  For information about posting, please see this: Illustrative Resource for Posting. Send a message HERE if you want to write an article.

Please note the CATs (Climate Action Teams) announcement and Blog.


For example, here are actions on climate taken by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County, New Jersey (UUCMC).

  • The UUCMC congregation unanimously passed a position Statement of Action on Climate Change as described in the press release (see HERE and also the UUCMC website).

  • HERE is a talk on climate change at the UUCMC as part of it's Social Action program.

  • The UUCMC established a Climate Change Action Team. Its first action was a "Counter the Contrarians" series of three classes to learn how to respond to fallacious climate contrarian arguments, which are obstructing a sound climate policy in the US.

  • These classes lead to formulation of the "one-liner" responses to contrarian fallacies, now posted on the popular website

  • The Social Action Committee recently passed THIS resolution against the Clean Energy budget cuts in New Jersey.

  • The UUCMC participated in the UUA's 40/40/40 ethical eating initiative, and this was reported in the local press in an big article with pictures.

  • The UUCMC installed solar panels on the roof a few years ago. Temperature control is used for energy conservation.

  • HERE is a report of the UUCMC Seventh Generation project.

Below is the stained-glass Earth Window in the UUCMC sanctuary:


UUCMC CC Statement Final

*Report on 7th Generation UUCMC


What's the picture at the top? It's from the European Commission.


  • Cancun Agreements adopted at COP16 Featured News Article Cancun Agreements adopted at COP16 Cancun Agreements adopted at COP16

    The Cancun Climate Conference COP16  (10 Dec 2010) adopted the "Cancun Agreements". The vote was unanimous with the sole exception of Bolivia. While not a binding... More »

  • AlertNet News Climate RSS Feed Featured Article AlertNet News Climate RSS Feed AlertNet News Climate RSS Feed

    Here is the climate RSS feed from AlertNet, a free humanitarian news service run by Thomson Reuters Foundation covering crises worldwide.   More »

  • UU-UNO Statement Supporting the EPA Featured News Article UU-UNO Statement Supporting the EPA UU-UNO Statement Supporting the EPA

    The UU-UNO has submitted written comments supporting and defending the EPA for its rulemakings on Petroleum Refineries and Utilities. The EPA says HERE: EPA will accept... More »

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