UU-UNO 2010 Spring Seminar


The Spring Seminar on Climate Change was a successful UU-UNO event. 150 people, many under the age of 30, attended. Here is the SCHEDULE. Here are PRESENTATIONS. The participants produced a Climate Statement that was sent to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Here it is:


UUUNOSpringSeminarFinal StatementPosted


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We had hoped to use this Climate Portal to stream the presentations and information to you via UStream. Although lack of personnel and funding prevented us from doing this, future events will hopefully be broadcast.

To see how the web can be used in this way, here is the website for the Agadir Conference focusing on food security, climate change and related issues. The Agadir website is "designed to provide all Conference participants a venue to obtain and exchange information, data and other resources", which is what we would ideally like to do in the future. 

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