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    A remarkable series of rebuttals to climate contrarians/deniers/"faux-skeptics" has appeared on The Conversation, an Australian academic site:  "The debate... More »

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The Contrarians? Full article with references Last Updated on 2016-11-29 08:14:39   Climate Contrarians AKA climate science deniers or climate "faux" skeptics spread disinformation about climate and try to prevent responsible climate risk management. Information for this rather comprehensive article is drawn from the many sources and links in the text. Who are the contrarians? What is the contrarian Agenda? What do contrarians Say about global warming? [The "Four Fallacy Trenches"] What about Real Scientific Skepticism and contrarians? What are some Contrarian Tactics and Fallacies? What about "fringe" contrarian ideas? Aren't there some contrarians with credentials who disproved mainstream climate science? ANSWER = NO The Tobacco Analogy What do contrarians misunderstand about climate Risk Management? or WHY CONTRARIANS ARE CLIMATE RISK... More »
The U.S. Election, Trump, and Climate Change Risk Last Updated on 2016-11-28 08:40:56 Climate Portal Statement on the U. S. Elections Climate action is multifaceted. Trump can slow some of it but he cannot kill it. Trump cannot cancel the Paris Agreement. Probably he will try to sabotage it. U.S. national climate action (e.g. the EPA) will be hit hard in the short run. Climate anti-science contrarian/deniers will be appointed, and science will suffer. But: The states (CA NY ...) and cities responsible for most CO2 will continue to act. Business will continue to wake up to climate risk. People will continue to put solar panels on their roofs. Also: The old Confederacy, Midwest farmers and Rust Belt supporters for Trump will be hit harder and harder by extreme weather. Eventually all will reject the climate contrarian "hoax" lie. There is still no choice but optimism. We have to keep going. You can help. Coverage of Climate Contrarians -... More »
Climate Signals (Impacts) Twitter Last Updated on 2016-10-24 10:14:57 HERE is the Climate Signals Twitter link. Climate Signals is a database of climate change impacts organized as a hierarchy. HERE is a video describing how it works. -------------   More »
NGO-CSD Lima Climate Paper 2014 Last Updated on 2016-10-24 10:09:11 Lima Climate Conference Paper, NGO Committee for Sustainable Development   CSD_CoNGO Climate Change Paper Lima 2014 FINAL More »
Climate Videos - Links Last Updated on 2016-07-30 11:58:53 Videos: Global Warming / Climate Change also great audio presentation LINKS U. S. National Academies: America's Climate Choices   National Geographic: Great introductory video   Al Gore: Conclusion of Copenhagen Address (2009) Latest Climate Trends (2009) Averting Climate Crisis (2006)   Prof. James Hansen:  Urgency of the Climate Crisis  20 Years of Climate Concerns 65 Million Years of Climate History   Prof. Stephen Schneider:  "Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save Earth's Climate"  Climate Science Expert Credibility  Certainty, Insurance, Media, and Special Interests   Dr. Michael Oppenheimer: Interview (2007)   Dr. Rajendra Pachauri (IPCC) Talk at the Bright Green Climate Forum in... More »