We have a moral, ethical, and survival imperative to learn about climate change / global warming, and to act appropriately and decisively. This imperative derives from people living today and all those who will follow us. We must not have future generations say, of us: "They refused to learn" or "they knew but did not act."

What's the Climate Problem? What can We Do?

Global warming, the upward climate change trend of average global temperatures since 1975 exists, is due to us humans, and in the absence of substantial action will increase.

Climate change / global warming impacts are seen now, and will be increasingly severe and negative to lives, peace, and justice, worldwide. There is no safe haven, not even for the US.  Preservation (there will devastating consequences), social justice (the poor will get hit hardest), and intergenerational equity (our grandchildren will suffer) are at stake unless we act. Lasting solutions to many issues from food to water to immigration to women's rights to national security will require climate action, because climate is interconnected.

It is not too late to mitigate global warming/climate change. The worst climate impacts can be avoided if we act now, responsibly and vigorously. It is cheaper and more humane to act now rather than have our descendents suffer the consequences later. Some adaptation is also necessary. The real framework is climate risk management. Success means implementing a portfolio of actions. There is no silver bullet.

On the positive side, we can move into a new era with non-fossil energies, stimulating economies and creating more jobs with better technology, without the huge climate costs of fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, "contrarians/deniers/faux-skeptics" are attacking climate science and climate risk management, and spreading disinformation with the goal of stopping climate action. Denier pseudo-science fallacies are loudly broadcast by right-wing media, using earlier tobacco industry tactics to sow doubt. Some climate science deniers and climate risk deniers are funded by libertarian political groups and by fossil fuel interests afraid of losing wealth due to stranded carbon assets. Climate scientists are courageously fighting back and responsible climate risk management advocates are speaking out.

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Who are we?

The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office promotes well-being, peace, and justice throughout the world. Crucial to this effort is combating the impacts of the man-made global warming trend of climate change. The VISION of the UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative is a world with mitigated climate change viable for us and future generations. The MISSION is to provide motivation for climate action. An ambitious project is sparking and facilitating the creation of a national network of Climate Action Teams or CATs in UU Congregations. Click HERE for information.

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